ChefDesign has been a highly recognized designer and project manager in the foodservice industry for over ten years. Our reputation of catering to our customers’ needs and our high-quality work is unlike any other in the industry. In addition, we provide artistic touches to every project which ensures that your kitchen design stands out from the rest. After all, no professional kitchen is like another. Your business or commercial kitchen deserves to be treated as its own unique entity.

In addition to the above, we provide consulting services that utilize our very experienced and knowledgeable staff. At ChefDesign we take the time to sit down with our clients and work out the best way to set up the kitchen—in a way that will suit every need of a functional, yet immaculate kitchen. In addition, we work closely with architects, engineers & contractors to protect your interest and ensure that your new kitchen is finished on time and under budget. The needs of our clients will always come first, even before the equipment seller. After all, it’s your vision that needs to be created.